Rhonda L. Miller

Rhonda Miller is a chartered Occupational Psychologist and Executive Coach with over twenty-five years of experience in organisation and leadership development. Working with clients on individual, group, and organisational levels, Rhonda specialises in effectiveness issues around transition, and the assessment and development of the individuals and groups that make up the organisation.   She has extensive experience working with leaders in the areas of organisational change, leadership development, team building and talent management and is particularly interested in the underlying behaviours that make up an organisational culture.

Rhonda has worked with numerous clients in the private, public and charitable sectors. This includes work as a senior level in-house manager in a number of roles within manufacturing, utilities and communications organisations as well as over fifteen years of experience as an external consultant advising organisational leaders on managing change, and identifying and developing current and future leaders.   She has worked for many global organisations and is a dual citizen of the US and UK.

Some of her work includes:

  • Coaching senior managers in a range of organisations around issues related to their own and their organisation’s effectiveness
  • Working with individuals and teams to help reduce conflict and increase both effectiveness and engagement
  • Facilitating the design and execution of organisation development strategies that enable organisations to become and remain successful
  • Partnering with HR Departments to develop rigorous processes that identify the culture and underlying behaviours that are necessary for success, and working with them to develop organisation development strategies that these changes will require
  • Conducting development centres and follow-up coaching for high potential employees
  • Designing leadership development programmes and processes that embed learning on the job

Rhonda also lectures on post-graduate courses in organisation development and change management. She was an adjunct professor at Fordham and New York Universities in New York City and currently

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