Aggie Kalunga-Banda


Leadership and Organisation Development expert and prototyping new initiatives to solve complex societal challenges. She serves as an associate of the Presencing Institute and coordinates & co-faciltates learning programmes focused on bringing about profound change at personal and organisational levels. She has designed and facilitated leadership and organisation development programmes for Nigeria’s agriculture sector, Civil Society Organisations in Ireland, the United Nations Environment Programme – Africa program, Zambia Institute of Human Resources and the National Heath Service (NHS) UK. She organised and co-facilitated UK’s first Theory U program which shared some of the latest social technologies in systems change and transformation.

She has experience of  working with organisations such as Public Affairs Manager for YWCA England and Wales, Gender Adviser for Oxfam GB’s Humanitarian Department,  Programme Development Manager for Oxfam in Yemen and Kosovo, Executive Director for Zambia National Women’s Lobby Group in Zambia,    Programmes Manager for Women for Change, a local women’s organisation in Zambia, and was the inaugural Coordinator for YWCA Drop-In-Centre for the Young Women’s Christian Association.


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