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Unforgiveness Undermines Your Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership has never taken place and will never take place in a vacuum. To be a leader one has to involve others. It is the ‘involving of others’ that brings about the relational challenges.  Up until a few years back, I would have never seen the necessity of talking about unforgiveness in the work environment. To me the issue of unforgiveness was something confined to religious circles or therapy rooms.   I was wrong. Having worked with so many leaders, I have witnessed the toxic effects of unforgiveness, both on the leader and those they lead.

adminUnforgiveness Undermines Your Leadership Effectiveness
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“Leadership Syndromes”: Why pay attention

What we mean by Leadership Syndrome

Through the years, I have heard dozens of leadership experts enumerate the qualities of great leaders. Seldom, though, do they speak plainly about the ‘syndromes of leadership’.  When I talk about leadership syndrome in this article, I am referring to a group of ‘negative’ self-sabotaging behavioural patterns that affect your effectiveness as a leader.

admin“Leadership Syndromes”: Why pay attention
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Confidence vs Cockiness

Are you overstepping the boundary as a leader?

Recently one of my clients asked my thoughts on the difference between being confident vs. being arrogant/cocky and the impact on leadership effectiveness.   I loved the question and decided to write a blog on the topic.

adminConfidence vs Cockiness
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Hero Leader Syndrome: Self Sabotaging Behaviours you might have

When you hear the phrase hero leader, what comes to your mind? In the last few years, I got more and more interested in what I refer to as “leadership syndromes.” In this article, I would like to highlight one such syndrome, “Hero Leader.”

adminHero Leader Syndrome: Self Sabotaging Behaviours you might have
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Is work life balance possible?

“I am struggling to manage my time; I need help with work life balance!” This is a statement I always hear from my clients. So, is work life something that can be achieved? This question has been key in my life over the years, as I have gone through periods where I felt guilty because I was struggling to lead a ‘balanced’ life. As a working mother of two young boys, an entrepreneur, an author, a wife, a sister, a daughter you name it, the discussions on work life balance has been figural to me for as long as I can remember.

adminIs work life balance possible?
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Becoming best version of you

As a coach and facilitator, I get asked a lot of questions about how individuals can be more authentic, therefore becoming the best version of themselves. From my experience, there is no set formula on how one can becomes the best version of themselves. However, there are a few fundamental actions that contribute to this aspiration.

adminBecoming best version of you
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Learning from irritating rubs

Having been on a steep career trajectory and getting into leadership at a much younger age, I became so accustomed to influencing and “being heard”. Whilst there were so many blessings attached to this, the flipside was when I did not feel heard or felt I was not able to influence. Over the years, I developed some mechanisms for managing this tension (or at least I thought I had). However, the reality of this being a life struggle struck me last week following an uncomfortable experience that left me feeling annoyed and irritated.

adminLearning from irritating rubs
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Challenges for Entrepreneurs

A few weeks ago I was invited to speak at a Leadership Seminar for budding entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders. Preparing for this made me reflect on some of the challenges leaders and small business owners face when following their passion. Over the years, I have realised that leaders and leadership requires a whole lot of mental energy. With its highs and lows, excitement and fear—which you may feel all at once—there are times when failure seems to be lurking close by.

leslyicdigitalChallenges for Entrepreneurs
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Coaching Tools and Techniques

Everyone is talking about being a coach or doing coaching. What I love about coaching is the power of the self discovery process that enables individuals to make a paradigm shift and move their thinking to a new level.  I have used a number of coaching tools and techniques for the past fifteen years and below are a few of my favourite ones.

leslyicdigitalCoaching Tools and Techniques
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Dealing with your Blind Spots

What are blind spots?

Recently, I had a near miss as I drove off from where I had parked my car. I had not seen that the car was coming. This is what is called a blind spot. The larger the blind spots are, the more dangerous it becomes.   As a leader, you have blind spots too no matter how brilliant and accomplished you are– things and behaviours that you do that you don’t understand or appreciate the impact that they have on others and in yourself.

leslyicdigitalDealing with your Blind Spots
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