Talent Management and Development

At VCN we provide end-to-end talent management and development services, creating a consistent experience throughout your organisation. We provide the fresh thinking and deep insight you need to attract, motivate and develop the right people for your business, and to build a high-performing teams in support of your business goals. Our expert teams bring a rich understanding of people and how they behave, clear analysis grounded in our extensive research and bold ideas backed by practical experience.


In particular, we can support you in:

Developing you Talent Strategy.  We can advise you to implement and embed robust talent management processes within your organisation including the identification of high potentials, succession planning, recruitment and developing talent.

Defining success – We help you embed talent management within your organisational processes and ensure this is aligned with your business strategy. We work with you to define what ‘potential’ and talent looks like within your specific business context so there is no ambiguity. This definition helps us shape your talent identification to directly address your current concerns and future challenge.

Identification: We will work with you to establish what talent means for your organisation and ways to identify it through your hire to retire processes. We will design events and utilise tools to assess your talent, establishing strengths and development needs.

Development: Once your talent pool is created we will provide development solutions to enable your talent to fulfil their potential. We have a wide range of 1:1 and group development methods that can be tailored for your requirements. We help your high potential staff to become more self-aware in relation to behaviours and style and to align their career path to their own goals and aspirations. This helps to increase the engagement and retention of your key talented people.

Progression: We will provide your talent with career support and continued development opportunities to enable them to move onwards and upwards. We will also help you establish plans to enable your talent to gather all the skills and experience they will need to reach the heights you envisage for them.

Evaluating people: We use a range of evidence-based tools and techniques to objectively identify potential. We also conduct a talent audit. This involves looking beyond simple numbers to fully grasp the key strengths and development areas of your participants, their motivations and drivers. We can work with you to implement an internal evaluation process, or can provide an external viewpoint to support your talent decisions.

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