Team Development

At VCN we deliver premium team development programmes using world-class personality tools and other approaches. We understand the link between effective teams and an organisation’s success. High-performing teams are productive, innovative and fun to work in. The right investment can transform an average team into an excellent team, with greater engagement and commitment, lower turnover and more creative innovation.

We believe:

  • A team is not an end in itself but there to deliver for its stakeholders
  • Relationships at the boundary are as important as those within the team
  • Quality relationships will drive quality team processes

We will work closely with you to co-create team development interventions that address the root cause rather than just treat the symptoms. We custom-design and facilitate experiential team development sessions focused on creating high performing teams. This builds alignment, cohesion, and critical team skills.

Our team development process begins with a performance assessment across a number of areas. Our unique team development model provides a systematic way of identifying the team performance strengths and challenges. The feedback report then outlines the team development agenda.

In particular, our expert VCN Consultants will:

  • Design and facilitate activities that develop your team’s awareness, behavioural choices and performance
  • Facilitate sessions that focus on business strategy and issues
  • Build your confidence and effectiveness as the team leader
  • Provide objective feedback about the dynamics of your team – and the part you play as a leader
  • Provide team and individual profiling as appropriate to your team’s development objectives
  • Work with you to identify coaching and development needs for individual team members

We support team development in a number of ways. These can include but not limited to:

  • Away Days
  • Team Psychometrics Profiles
  • Team coaching
  • Team Building Workshops
  • Team building retreats
  • Team development conferences and events
  • Team Development training programs

What is achieved?

  • High levels of energy and motivation within teams
  • A team capable of meeting its performance challenges consistently
  • A sense of responsibility, respect and accountability between team members
  • A common approach to team working and development across the organisation
  • Common tools, frameworks and language used within and between teams
  • Increased inter-team collaboration, synergy and global awareness
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